Welcome to the official developer documentation for ADIR BASIC, the differential drive robot designed for versatile indoor/ outdoor navigation. This chapter provides instructions on how to get ADIR up and running on your system.

The official repository can be found here:


  • A computer running a Debian-based Linux distribution (currently Ubuntu 22).
  • ROS2 Humble installed


Connectivity Interface

Size 12 - 8 pin Quicklock Connector:

Pin Function
3 5V
4 External Emergency Switch
5 Digital Input
6 Digital Input
8 Digital Output
Joystick Interface

Size 12 - 5 pin Quicklock Connector:

Pin Function
2 5V
3 Joystick Button (pressed 5V)
4 Joystick Input 1 (Analog 0-5V)
5 Joystick Input 2 (Analog 0-5V)
Digital and Analog Inputs

Digital and Analog Inputs can be retrieved using the CAN BUS. The Digital Output can be set via CAN BUS:

Parameter Measure Point Min. Typical Max. Unit
5V Output Current - - - 100 mA
Digital Output Voltage Ground to Output pin - - 30 Volts
Digital Output Current Output pin, sink current - - 1 Amps
Digital Input 0 Level Ground to Input pin -1 - 1 Volts
Digital Input 1 Level Ground to Input pin 3 - 30 Volts
Analog Input Range Ground to Input pin 0 - 5.1 Volts


Installing Dependencies

To use ADIR, you must first install the necessary Debian packages. These packages contain all the dependencies and drivers required for ADIR to operate seamlessly.

sudo dpkg -i ros-humble-adir-ros-can-interfaces_0.0.0-0jammy_amd64.deb
sudo dpkg -i ros-humble-adir-ros-can_0.0.1-0jammy_amd64.deb
sudo dpkg -i ros-humble-adir-can-commands-interfaces_0.0.0-0jammy_amd64.deb
sudo dpkg -i ros-humble-adir-can-commands_0.0.0-0jammy_amd64.deb
Cloning the Repository
mkdir -p adir_ws/src
cd adir_ws/src
git clone -b ros2-humble
cd ..
colcon build --symlink-install


If using USB cable, please download the bash script first and run it using the following commands:

chmod +x
sudo ./

Once succesfully run, then we can launch the run files.

If using CAN by connecting to the given port on ADIR and CAN bus is up & running, then we can straight away launch the scripts. Please note that the bit rate is currently set at 500kbps.

Launching ADIR

To start using ADIR, you can use the following command:

ros2 launch odometry

To start moving it, we can publish forward and angular velocities from the terminal or scripts on ros2 topic ' /cmd_cel '


Topics Available:

For debugging purposes the folowing topics can be called.


can verify if stall is detected or if ADIR is running on RC/ autonomy commands


can verify if a situation like overheat, overvoltage, undervoltage, short circuit, emergency stop or mosfet failures happen using boolean


can verify if a situation like motor_stalled, forward_limit_triggered, reverse_limit_triggered, amps_trigger_activated happen using boolean


can verify the voltage of ADIR. Please note if below 21V, please charge the ADIR.

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