The growing population and climate change are putting enormous pressure on agriculture. In addition, vegetable and fruit harvesting is very labor-intensive and farmers have been suffering from a shortage of labor for several years. Ant Robotics is responding to these challenges by developing a platform for collaborative robotics. Our first product, VALERA supports harvesting work in fruit and vegetable cultivation. Up to 25% of the harvesting work is done by manually transporting the full harvest crates. VALERA autonomously transports full crates from the field workers to central collection points. This increases productivity by 30-40% and at the same time reduces the physical strain on the workers. With transport robotics, we offer a low entry barrier for the farms and at the same time lay the technological foundation for further automation along the processes in the field (weeding, harvesting, etc.).

As a response the market needs for an open platform suitable for needs also beyond agriculture, we offer ADIR, a reliable mobile robot platform for industrial and outdoor environments. Open-source, flexible, heavy-duty and economical. With a payload of 400 kg, the platform can be configured and expanded to your needs with embedded systems and sensors.

This documentation will guide you through the applications and integration of our platforms into your operations. Please do not hesitate to contact us in case of further questions or refer to the FAQ section.

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