Operating Instructions

Please read these operating instructions completely before commissioning the machine. It describes the ADIR BASIC DRIVE UNIT and contains the safety regulations and instructions for proper use.

Please note the following: The ADIR BASIC DRIVE UNIT may only be put into operation if the operating personnel have read and understood these operating instructions in full! The operating instructions must be kept in a safe place for the entire service life of the machine and passed on to any subsequent users or owners. They must be kept in a place close to the machine and be available to users for consultation.

Ensure that all users have fully understood the standards of use and the meaning of any symbols displayed on the machine. It is recommended to contact the manufacturer whenever information, spare parts or accessories are required.

Note: The technical instructions in the operating manual must be observed. If you have any further questions, please contact the manufacturer or an authorized dealer.

Warning: It is forbidden to carry out operations that you do not understand.

Intended Use

The machine is to be used exclusively as a traction unit for research and prototyping purposes. If it is to be used for other purposes, this must be clarified with the manufacturer beforehand. We accept no liability for damage caused by improper or unauthorized use. To ensure proper functioning, a regular inspection must be carried out by the manufacturer or an authorized dealer.

Caution: Only adults and trained personnel may operate this machine. Children under the age of 16 are strictly prohibited from accessing and operating the machine.

Thank you for reading and observing these operating instructions. Please keep them in a safe place. If you can no longer find your operating instructions, please contact Ant Robotics or an authorized dealer.



Important Basic Rules
  • The maximum permissible total weight must not be exceeded!
  • The maximum permissible angle of inclination in the terrain must not be exceeded!
  • No persons may be on the machine!
  • The machine must not be used off-road in mud, ice and snow, etc.!
  • The machine must not be transported in any other way than specified in the operating instructions!
  • The machine must not be cleaned with a steam jet or garden hose!
  • Do not allow children to come into contact with batteries!
  • Do not cause a short circuit!
  • Do not continue working if the machine is damaged or malfunctions!
  • Do not set down, park or store the machine in a place where temperatures below -10° C are possible!
  • The machine does not have any lighting and must therefore not be used at night or when there is insufficient lighting.
  • Never leave the machine unattended!
  • It is forbidden to ride the machine on public roads.
  • When changing direction, always limit the speed and adapt it to the condition of the ground.
  • It is prohibited to remove or modify protective and/or safety covers.
  • Residual risk: When operating the machine, make sure that nobody approaches the front or rear wheels of the machine with their feet, either carelessly or on purpose, as this could result in crushing or serious injury.
Explanation of Symbols

Caution, this symbol indicates very important information or dangerous work procedures/situations, if these are not observed, the machine or persons may be harmed.

Warning, under no circumstances may points marked with this symbol be disregarded!

Attention, the operating instructions must be read carefully before commissioning. Furthermore, special attention must be paid to texts that are marked by bold or larger font, underlined or written in red.

Protection, use suitable protective devices! Appropriate protective clothing/equipment must always be worn until the end of the work where these signs appear.


Please make sure that you understand the instructions in this operating manual and that you are sufficiently informed about the operation of the machine and any additional equipment. The manufacturer will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

The operating personnel of the machine must check the following safety instructions below to check which regulations must be observed for the various uses of the machine.


Ant Robotics guarantees the machines of its manufacture (delivered new) for a period of 1 year from delivery. To benefit from the guarantee, the customer must provide proof of the date of purchase. The guarantee consists in the delivery of the part recognized as defective and is provided if it is certain that it has broken due to a material or manufacturing defect. Under no circumstances does the manufacturer's liability exceed the purchase price of the product itself. The costs for shipping, transportation and any import fees shall be borne by the buyer, unless otherwise agreed in writing with the manufacturer. with the manufacturer.

The warranty is invalid in the following cases:

  • In the case of used machines, even if the transfer from the first to subsequent users takes place during the warranty period.
  • In the event of negligence on the part of the user (failure to carry out maintenance)
  • Unsuitable, irrational use of the machine.
  • If the instructions for use, maintenance and safety in this manual are not followed.
  • If modifications have been made by the customer or third parties.
  • If non-original spare parts are installed.
  • If the data specified in the technical characteristics are exceeded.
  • In other cases provided for by the laws of the country of use.

Parts subject to normal wear and tear (e.g. bearings, seals, etc.) are excluded from this warranty unless they are clearly construction or assembly faults. There is no liability for damage caused by damage to materials, objects, etc.

The company declines all liability for damage caused by incorrect or unsuitable use of the machine, as well as for damage caused by the machine breaking down as a result of non-compliance with the instructions in this manual.

Also excluded from the Ant Robotics warranty is any damage caused by transportation when the machine is delivered by a third party.

Delivery Of The Machine

It is assumed that: - The machine has been tested and approved under strict supervision by qualified personnel, with the intention of eliminating any “negligence” that may have occurred during manufacture. - The acceptance tests were carried out simulating normal working cycles and situations of use of the machine. - No defects were found during the acceptance tests. - The machine was designed in accordance with the currently valid safety standards and was realized on this basis.

On receipt of the machine, check that it has not suffered any damage during transportation or that any packaging has not been damaged. If damage or missing parts are found, notify the carrier and the manufacturer immediately within 8 days and provide photos as proof.

Customer Service

The request for after-sales service must be made by e-mail or telephone directly to the following address:

Ant Robotics GmbH

Adolf-Wagner-Str. 16

21073, Hamburg

Phone: +49 (0) 4174 6099 888



Suitability and Precautionary Measures

The operating personnel must check whether the machine is suitable for the planned activity and whether the terrain and ground conditions are suitable for using the machine. If in doubt, please contact the manufacturer or dealer. The operating personnel must also check that the direction of movement is clear of objects and persons. The machine must not be operated when children are in the area of movement.

If the driver operates the machine from the ground, there are residual risks. Careless maneuvering could result in injury or crushing. Caution is therefore required, especially when reversing from the ground.

Transporting the Machine
  • The machine can be transported with a forklift fork. When transporting the machine, all bolts and cotter pins must be correctly fitted.
  • The machine must be secured to the forklift forks with appropriate straps. There must be no persons or loads on the machine during transportation.
  • When transporting the machine on a trailer, the machine must be anchored non-slip with approved straps and chocks must be fitted under the wheels to ensure maximum safety.
  • Ensure that the means of transportation used has the required load capacity. (Unladen weight on type plate)
  • The ramp on the truck or trailer must be designed to take the weight of the machine. The greatest possible care must be taken when driving up and down the ramp.
  • Do not steer on the ramp!

The machine must not be transported on public roads with the forklift forks of a tractor! The machine must not be transported when switched on!

Caution: The national road traffic regulations must always be observed for transportation!

Parking the Machine

Under no circumstances may the machine be left unattended in unsecured areas, traffic areas or in places accessible to children.

If the machine is parked for a longer period of time, the battery plugs must be disconnected from the electronics housing.

Machines with an electric drive have the advantage that they are largely maintenance-free and therefore do not require any special measures, apart from those specified above, even when parked for long periods.

Emergency Stop

The emergency stop button (with red mushroom head) is used to stop all machine functions immediately in the event of a hazardous situation.

Caution: The ADIR BASIC unit is supplied without an emergency stop switch and radio controller. The customer is responsible for providing an emergency stop as part of their integration effort.


On dry and firm ground on flat terrain, the maximum permissible total weight is

  • 400 kg for crate transport

Caution: Danger of tipping!

Pay attention to the maximum permissible inclinations and slopes of the machine.

Operation on Uneven Terrain

The machine must not exceed a lateral slope of approx. 15%. In the direction of travel, the machine must not exceed an incline of approx. 20% on firm ground. It is important to always drive slowly on any incline.

Ground Conditions

If there is a risk of slipping or sinking due to poor ground conditions such as mud, ice, snow, etc., the machine must not be used.

Environmental Conditions

The working area of the machine must be in accordance with hygiene and sanitary measures: Outside temperature -10 degrees C. to +40 degrees C. max.

Work Clothing

Wear suitable clothing and personal protective equipment to prevent accidents:

  • Work gloves, work suit and shoes with reinforced toe cap, possibly safety goggles.
  • Always wear a work suit or protective clothing that fits snugly around the wrists, ankles and neck.
  • It is important to always wear sturdy shoes when working on the ground.
  • Follow the instructions and directions given by the employer. The machine, equipment and safety devices must be used correctly.
  • Caution: For safety reasons, no jewelry such as bracelets, watches, rings and chains may be worn while working with the machine.
Intended Use and Limitations

The machine was developed for transporting goods. It can be operated on level ground and only on private property.

The machine must not be used on ground with a gradient of more than 20%. It is forbidden to use the machine on floors with a lateral slope or in the presence of stones. Avoid large holes in the ground!

Serial Plate of the Machine (Example)

Description of the Machine (ADIR BASIC)

  1. Switch box
  2. Superstructure
  3. Frame
  4. Gearbox
  5. Electric motor
  6. Communication plug
  7. Power plug (charging)


The ADIR HANDLING UNIT is ideally suited for various types of work in rough terrain or factory floors. The machine is compact and robust. The design not only has the advantage of adapting perfectly to special crops, but also gives the machine great stability thanks to its low center of gravity. The maneuverability of this machine is particularly advantageous.

Loading the Machine

The machine is suitable for transporting max. 400 kg.


The electric drive has been specially developed for use in farm plantations. The electronic control system enables permanent all-wheel drive, even on winding roads. Braking is fully automatic and smooth, even on steep terrain.


The steering is controlled by steering signals.

Surface Treatment

To ensure optimum corrosion protection, the wearing parts of the machine are galvanized. The remaining parts are powder-coated.


The machine may be used to tow trailers if the total weight does not exceed 400 kg.

Noise and Vibrations

The machine's electric drive generates a noise level of less than 80 decibels. Vibrations are barely perceptible. Therefore, no noise protection ear flaps need to be worn during operation.

Service Life

The service life of the machine is at least 15 years under normal use.


Notes on Maintainability

The machine is extremely easy to maintain. Batteries, gearboxes and motors are maintenance-free. In addition, maintenance-free plain bearings and stop nuts have been used.

However, an annual inspection and maintenance is necessary to ensure safe operation and a long service life of the machine.

Spare parts may only be replaced by the manufacturer or any authorized dealer!

Only simple maintenance work that does not require special knowledge may be carried out by non-experts, e.g. tightening screws or replacing defective tires.

Simple Maintenance by the Owner

Only simple maintenance work that does not require any special knowledge, such as tightening screws or replacing defective wheels, may be carried out by the owner.

Maintenance work may only be carried out on a stationary machine and with the batteries disconnected.

Check the machine regularly for wear and damage.

If the motors run hot, customer service must be notified immediately.

Please ensure that maintenance work is carried out regularly.

Cleaning and Inspecting the Machine

It is generally customary and advisable to clean the machine at regular intervals to remove foreign bodies (e.g. dust, foreign and contaminating substances, etc.) that cause excessive wear to all moving parts of the machine.

All cleaning work on the machine must be carried out with the key removed.

Apart from the aesthetic appearance, a clean machine makes it much easier to detect any faults or problems with the frame or the electrical system.

The machine must therefore be cleaned at the end of each working day, especially after use on wet or muddy floors.

Do not spray water directly onto electromechanical parts and corresponding cable harnesses.

  1. Check the tire pressure daily.
  2. Clean the wheels and corresponding joint areas.
  3. If excessive wear of the wheels is detected, please contact Ant Robotics directly to replace the wheels.
Replacing the Carbon Brushes

The carbon brushes of the motors should be checked by the manufacturer or an authorized dealer after approx. 1000 driving hours and replaced if necessary.


The seals of the various components comply with protection class IP 65.

However, they can become brittle due to weathering and the effects of sunlight, meaning that 100% waterproofing cannot be guaranteed in the event of prolonged rain.

All seals must be checked at every inspection and replaced if necessary. replaced if necessary.

Tire Pressure

The tires must always have the prescribed air pressure according to the specifications on the sticker.

  • Tires 1.0-1.5 bar

All moving parts must be checked regularly and treated with a suitable lubricant if necessary.

Keep lubricants out of the reach of children and persons who are not qualified and authorized to handle lubricants.

All waste products must be disposed of in accordance with the relevant standards.


All tread surfaces must be kept clean. Wet and damp soil can cause slipping.

The machine must therefore be cleaned from time to time with a compressed air gun or a hand brush and a damp cloth.

The machine must not be cleaned with a steam jet or garden hose!

Safety Instructions

The safety instructions on the machine must be replaced if they are damaged or lost.


Do not continue working if the machine is damaged or malfunctions.

The machine must be repaired by the manufacturer or authorized dealer using only original Ant Robotics spare parts.

The owner loses all possible warranty claims if the machine is not repaired, modified or supplemented with original spare parts.

Staff Qualifications and Tasks

The professional characteristics of the personnel responsible for the machine are defined below.

Caution: The machine may only be used by authorized and appropriately trained personnel who are in good health. who are in a state of health that allows them to carry out their work as normal.

Operator: Performs the tasks of the normal work process that are required to operate the machine: Activation of the control commands, loading the parts, monitoring the production cycle, cleaning the surfaces and intervening in the event of a jam. During normal production, the operator must work with all safety devices active.

Technician of the manufacturer: The manufacturer's personnel or other authorized personnel carry out complex installation, fine-tuning, repair and, on request, training activities for the personnel in charge of operating the machine.

Maintenance technician for mechanics: This is the person who reports directly to the user or the manufacturer and who, in any case, is suitably trained to carry out ordinary and extraordinary maintenance on the machine and record the results in the appropriate registers.

Maintenance technician for electronics: Qualified technical personnel who are able to operate the machine under normal conditions and intervene on the electrical parts to carry out all necessary adjustments, maintenance work and repairs.

Personnel entrusted with loading and transportation: Personnel who have received appropriate instruction regarding the use of the moving equipment.

Personnel entrusted with disposal: Professionally qualified person who is able to correctly perform the specific work processes in their area of responsibility and who has received appropriate health and safety training from the employer.


Description Specification
Motors 2 DC motors, rated power 0.85 KW
Gearbox Bevel spur gear
Brakes Electromagnetic
Speed Stepless from 0 - max. 4 km/h
Max. Gradeability (Incline) 20 %
Max. Payload 400 kg
Weight Unladen weight approx. 100 kg (chassis only, without superstructure and battery)
Tires 15“ x 6.00 x 6
Total Length 1.15 m
Total Width 0.75 m

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