ADIR, a reliable mobile robot system for industrial environments - flexible, heavy-duty and economical. The platform can be configured and expanded to your needs.

  • ROS COMPATIBLE: Can be outfitted for remote control, people following or driving along defined routes.
  • INDOOR / OUTDOOR: Suitable for combined indoor and outdoor operations, navigation in various environments
  • HEAVY DUTY: Designed for continuous & reliable operation under the most severe conditions


ADIR is ROS compatible enabling the robot platform to be connected to all available ROS libraries, e.g. navigation using navigation_stack or localization using robot_localization.

ADIR is very robust and strong enough to carry loads of over 400 kg.

ADIR is easy to use with an included user interface (GUI) and versatile in applications concerning:

  • Agricultural economics
  • Industry, Intralogistics & Logistics
  • Professional Cleaning
  • Mining, Surveillance, Inspection
  • Research & Development

  1. 4-Wheel Drive
  2. 48V LiFePO4 Battery
  3. Interface Module
  4. Flexible Mounting Platform

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